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Mini Astrology Readings

At Asheville Raven & Crone

I am delighted to offer in-person mini astrology readings designed to provide you with deep insights and guidance in just 15 minutes or more. As I professional astrologer, I am skilled in the art of decoding the celestial language and will focus on the key aspects of your birth chart, allowing for a concise and powerful reading. In this focused session, you will receive a condensed yet illuminating glimpse into the cosmic forces that shape your life, helping you navigate important decisions, understand your strengths and challenges, and uncover the hidden potentials that lie within you. Whether you're seeking a quick cosmic check-in or a specific question addressed, my in-person mini astrology readings at Raven & Crone offer a valuable opportunity to gain clarity, empowerment, and inspiration in a time-efficient manner. 

My rates: $2/minute with a 15 minute minimum

Accepted: Cash, Card, PayPal

My November Reading Dates 1-7pm:

  • Thursday, November 9th

  • Thursday, November 16th

  • Thursday, November 30th

Call Asheville Raven & Crone to reserve your spot! 828-424-7868

Walk-ins welcome!

Located at 640 Merrimon Avenue

Upstairs Suite #207

Asheville, NC

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