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Clarity Herbal Elixir

Clarity Herbal Elixir


Our Clarity Herbal Elixir is recommended for when you are needing to focus and move forward, but without caffeine. Formulated to awaken your mind and clear away the fog. A wonderful study aid.

  • INGREDIENTS: Cane alcohol*, raw local honey, Urtica dioica* (Nettles), Rosmarinus officinalis* (Rosemary), Ocimum sanctum* (Tulsi), Bacopa monnieri* (Bacopa), Eleutherococcus senticosus* (Eleuthero Root), Arctium lappa* (Burdock Root), Ocimum basilicum* (Basil Leaf)

    *Certified Organic Ingredients

    +Avoid during pregnancy

    SIZE: 1oz

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