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Organic Elecampane Root | herb shop | Golden Circle Alchemy | Fairview, NC

Elecampane Root


Elecampane has a lovely ability to remove negativity and chaotic energies from our mind, body and soul. Grind and sprinkle around your doorways to keep unpleasant energies and people from entering your home.


Our Elecampane Root is ready for use in tea or tincture. We source our herbs from certified organic farms and suppliers to bring you the most vibrant herbs for your apothecary.


Origin: USA


Actions: Antiseptic, bitter, diaphoretic, expectorant


Energetics: Warming & drying


Size: 4oz

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Elecampane Root Inula helenium

    Origin: USA

    SIZE: 4oz

    *Always seek advice before using during pregnancy & breastfeeding

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