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Organic Hibiscus Flowers | herb shop | Golden Circle Alchemy

Hibiscus Flowers, CUT


A beautiful herb to add to your Love Spells as it increases passion between lovers. Also said to enhance prophetic dreams when added to a dream pillow.


Our Hibiscus Flowers are ready for use in tea and tincture. We source our herbs from certified organic farms and suppliers to bring you the most vibrant herbs for your apothecary.


Origin: Burkina Faso


Actions: astringent, circulatory, and diuretic. Used for heart health. Great antioxidant, excellent for colds.


Energetics: Cooling


Size: 4oz

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Hibiscus Flowers Hibiscus sabdariffa

    ORIGIN: Burkina Faso

    SIZE: 4oz

    *Always seek advice before use during pregnancy & breastfeeding

    *Use caution with diuretic medication

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