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Organic Rosehips | herb shop | Golden Circle Alchemy | Fairview, NC

Rosehips, CUT


Assisting us in emotional heart healing, especially grief, Rosehips are wonderful to add to your heart health formulas. Can also be added to your botanical baths for a supportive remedy.


Our shelled Rosehips are ready for use in tea, tincture, or culinary uses. We source our herbs from certified organic farms and suppliers to bring you the most vibrant herbs for your apothecary.


Origin: Chile


Actions: anti-inflammatory, vitamin C, diuretic, astringent, antioxidant


Energetics: cooling & drying


Size: 4oz

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Rosehips Rosa canina

    ORIGIN: Chile

    SIZE: 4oz

    *Always seek advice before use during pregnancy or breastfeeding

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