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Aimee Willams | Golden Circle Alchemy


Learn what others have to say about their experience with Aimee.

"Aimee gave me the best career astrology reading! It was specific, encouraging, and totally resonated. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or confirmation in this area."

~Lezlie M., Founder of Mooniun

"I recently had a healing hypnotherapy session with Aimee of Golden Circle Alchemy. We focused on healing my inner child, and my feeling of "not being enough" in this world. With Aimee's love, care, wisdom and skill, she helped me go into a deep hypnotic state and then helped me to change some of the patterns that have been keeping me from living up to my full potential. It has been about two weeks since my session and I've had a definite shift in my psyche! I'm feeling much more confident and more at ease and less triggered. Over the last couple of years, I have been going through a deep spiritual awakening, and this has definitely furthered me on my path. Aimee has a passion for what she does. She has a strong intuition, a healing spirit and extensive experience in helping others to see and uncover their true authentic, beautiful selves. Thank you, Aimee!


"Although I have long since enjoyed astrology, I had never met with an Astrologer before Aimee. She took time to explain my birth chart and point out key elements in it. The whole experience was fascinating and left me full of wonder. Her reading resonated deeply with me and I’ve been left pondering it ever since. Aimee came very prepared to the reading and shared her insights with kindness, compassion and empathy. She took time to make sure I understood what she was sharing and to see if I had questions. The depth of her reading far exceeded my expectations and left me curious for more. Aimee is a well-educated, talented professional. If you are lucky enough to have a reading with Aimee, you won’t be left disappointed!"


"Aimee showed me my souls promise as it was written in the stars. I found that I already knew in my bones what I was supposed to be doing. In fact, I was already doing it... I was just doing it with hesitation and with fear. Now I can move forward in the world with confidence because I know that my path was laid before me on the day I was born and I was destined to be where I am. For that- I am so thankful for the time that I spent with Aimee. She was so kind and so heartfelt in her delivery. I look forward to using her amazing teas and sprays to help me remain balanced as I walk forward."


"Aimee’s reading was delightful, well-explained, and spot on! Her thoughtful narrative gave me a context through which to see my soul path clearly and with hope and plans for my future. I highly recommend her!"

~Sam Uhl

"This was my 1st astrology reading and I was really impressed with what Aimee told me! I enjoyed learning about myself and the blessings I was born with. She explained the chart in a way that resonated and made sense with me. Aimee was very patient and answered all of my questions. It was such a wonderful session. Thank you Aimee!!"

~R. Larsen

"I had a wonderful reading with Aimee. As someone who’s never had a reading before, it was quite informative and insightful. She explains it all very clearly. There were a few key points that actually really put me at ease, because it explained why I was feeling a loss of momentum regarding personal goal-setting and moving forward. I now know I’m right where I’m supposed to be as it is reflected in my chart. She also gave advice on how to stay better balanced. Aimee shares a wealth of knowledge and is such a gifted practitioner. Highly recommend."


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