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Full Moon Sister Circle

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Full Moon Sister Circles, guided by Ceremonialist and Astrologer Aimee Williams. In these sacred gatherings, we come together under the luminous glow of the moon to embrace the powerful energy that permeates the night sky. Aimee, with her profound wisdom and intuitive guidance, orchestrates a transformative experience where we delve into the depths of our souls, connect with our ancestral lineage, and awaken our divine feminine essence.

At the heart of the Full Moon Sister Circles is sacred rhythmic drumming meditation, a practice that serves as a portal to the realms of spirit and inner harmony. As the steady beat of the drums resonates within us, we surrender to its ancient rhythms, allowing it to transport us beyond the boundaries of our everyday existence. Through this meditative journey, we enter a state of deep introspection, where insights and revelations unfold, nourishing our spirits and empowering our beings.

An essential element of these circles is the sacred art of anointing. Aimee, with her skilled hands and profound connection to nature's wisdom, infuses aromatic oils and sacred essences upon our bodies. This anointing ritual is a sacred gesture, a gentle reminder of our inherent divinity and the unique gifts we bring to the world. As the fragrant oils blend with our skin, they awaken our senses and ignite the flame of our inner power, setting the stage for profound transformation and healing.

In the embrace of this loving and supportive community, we engage in heartfelt sharing, witnessing one another's stories, joys, and challenges. As we open our hearts and minds, we create a safe space for vulnerability, authenticity, and deep connection. The bonds formed within the Full Moon Sister Circles transcend time and space, weaving a tapestry of sisterhood that embraces and supports us on our individual journeys.

Guided by Aimee's celestial insights, the Full Moon Sister Circles harmonize with the celestial dance unfolding above. Aimee, as an accomplished Astrologer, unveils the profound astrological energies at play during each full moon, helping us navigate and align with the cosmic currents. With her keen understanding of planetary influences, she illuminates the cosmic tapestry, empowering us to harness the celestial energy and co-create with the universe.

Come, dear Sister, and join us in the sacred space of the Full Moon Sister Circles. Together, we will honor the moon's radiant glow, sway to the rhythm of our souls, anoint our bodies with divine intention, share our stories, and embrace the transformative power of community and sisterhood. Within this sacred circle, we remember the ancient bonds that connect us all, nurturing our spirits and supporting our growth as we embody our truest selves.

Please reserve your spot as space is limited. A suggested donation of $15-25 is greatly appreciated to support the organization of this event, including the provision of the aromatherapy inhalers.

Gemini Full Moon Sister Circle
Gemini Full Moon Sister Circle
Nov 27, 2023, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM EST
Asheville Raven & Crone,
640 Merrimon Ave #207, Asheville, NC 28804, USA
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