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Golden Circle Alchemy | Aromatherapy | Herbalism | Valentine's Day

Sweetheart's Giveaway

Mmmmm, allow yourself to be swept away by the delicious, sexy herbs and aromatics in our Sweetheart's Giveaway! Enjoy a hot cuppa Lover's Embrace Herbal Tea, our sensual Intimacy Herbal Elixir and our sexy Desire Aromatic Spritz ~ a truly arousing experience! If you aren't partnered up at the moment, this giveaway is still beneficial to you. The herbs that are in the formulas for our Lover's Embrace Herbal Tea and our Intimacy Herbal Elixir are excellent pick-me-ups when you are feeling sad or depressed. These herbs help you feel comfortable in your body and elevate your mood. The essential oils in our Desire Aromatic Spritz will help you feel embodied and relaxed. They uplift the spirit and enhance your ability to give and receive love. Our Sweetheart's Giveaway is a celebration of love and deep connection with ourselves and our partners. The Winner will be announced on Monday, February 6th!


Join our Mailing List below for your chance to win! Good luck!

Much Love,


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