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Essential Astrological Dates for December 2023

Aimee the Astrologer Blog - Essential Astrological Dates for December 2023

For many of us, December is busy and filled with lots of energy. The holidays are quickly approaching, many are decorating, shopping, event planning. And the astrology of December is a mixed bag of fun and caution!

Venus, the planet of relationships, values, and equilibrium enters the sign of Scorpio on December 4th through the 29th. We will notice an intensity when it comes to our romantic and passionate feelings towards our lovers. There will be ups and downs when it comes to assessing our resources, love, and close companionship. If you feel your emotions are becoming rather intense, take a breather, step away for the situation, and let go of those heightened feelings. Don't allow jealousy and trust issues get the better of you.

On Dec. 6th, Neptune, the planet of mysticism and dreams, stations direct after a long retrograde period in its home sign of Pisces. We will notice a shift in our desire to become more creative, spiritual, and empathetic. We become more sensitive to intuitive insights and compassion towards others. Perfect for the holidays! Tap into your mystical creativity. But don't allow yourself to become lost out in the ethers!

On December 12th the New Moon in Sagittarius will usher in a wonderful sense of hope and adventure. This is a fantastic time to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle with themes around expanding your knowledge, bringing in a sense of optimism, and calling in your abundance.

Mercury, the planet of communication, entered Capricorn on December 1st, and on the 13th it will station retrograde. Yes, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde (Rx)! But!! Mercury enjoys being in the sign of responsibility and sorting out logic over theory. So the beginning of this Rx period is not so bad. It allows us time to revisit our plans for the new year, revise any outdated rules we may have, and put into place a practical plan of action for the holidays. However, around Dec. 22nd, Mercury dips back into Sagittarius until it stations direct on January 1, 2024. Mercury isn't very happy in Sagittarius (sign of detriment), and this can make for a bit more of a chaotic time for our communication. I know, what do we do around the holidays with chaotic energy around communication? I recommend watching out for getting into debates that turn into a battle of righteousness. Who's right? Who cares? It's better to walk away from Uncle Joe when he is inappropriately spewing falsehoods than to get into a fight with him. Keeping the peace is very much needed over this 3-week Rx period.

On December 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn and we have Winter Solstice or Yule. On this day we honor the return of the light (Sun) in the northern hemisphere. It is the day of the longest night and perfect time to cozy up with a hot cuppa tea, a warm blanket, and a good book ~ or however you wish to celebrate this Celtic holy day. Many celebrate by performing rituals that celebrate the return of the Sun with candles, images of the Sun, and the color gold. You may wish to dress a yule log with your prayers and intentions for the new year with herbs, oils, and incense ~ and then burn it in your fire pit or fireplace as part of your ritual. There is no one, right way to celebrate Winter Solstice. Make it a symbol of your gratitude for the life-giving affinities of the Sun!

The Cancer Full Moon lights our path on December 26th. We will notice an emphasis of nurturing ourselves (first!) and our loved ones in a gentle, compassionate way. Self-care towards ourselves is very important during this time, especially if we engaged with Uncle Joe during his rant about {insert inappropriate topic here}. Take a moment just for yourself that allows you to really tap into the magic that surrounds the holidays. Be grateful for all of your abundance (and I'm not talking about gifts) and honor yourself with offering yourself a break, a moment filled with what brings your comfort and joy. Really take a look at how amazing you are! And celebrate YOU!

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29th bringing us into the new year with a burst of excitement! Yes, Mercury is still Rx until January 1st, but Venus wants us to enjoy ourselves by brightening our outlook for 2024. Venus will boost up our sense of adventure and fun when it comes to our relationships and finances. Where could you use a bit of a boost in those areas of your life?

And finally on December 30th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, stations direct in the sign of Taurus. This motion will increase our gratitude for our abundance and financial growth. We will enter 2024 with hope for stability around our resources as we call in prosperity and success. What a wonderful way to end 2023!

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May the stars guide your path,

Aimee the Astrologer

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