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Essential Astrological Dates for February 2024

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On February 1st, we celebrate Imbolc in Celtic traditions in the northern hemisphere. This fire festival honor the goddess Brigid. It's the time of Spring stirring and bulbs wanting to push through the surface. During the Winter months we go inward, reflect upon on previous year, and begin to plan what seeds we wish to plant and grow this year (literally & metaphorically). Imbolc is the time for planting those seeds (or at least designing the garden depending on location). We begin to tend to our hope for the growing and harvesting seasons. We bless the earth with water and the growing light so that our hopes may turn into realities.

On February 5th, Mercury enters Aquarius. Over the next 3 weeks +/- we will notice an increase in unusual ideas that have us focusing on the future. We will find new ways of going about our daily lives. Our minds will open widely, we will engage in stimulating conversations, and enjoy a refreshing cleverness to our thought processes. It's a great time to look at our futures and see how we can find imaginative ways to fully embrace our way of life. Mercury also quickly transits over Pluto which helps us sparks us to dive even deeper into our futuristic goals. We are inspired to gather new information to assist us in reimagining our lives.

On February 9th, the New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to reflect upon our humanitarian efforts. Where can we help our communities more? How can we use our energy wisely to be a better neighbor? We will notice that our intuition is on point during this time. We may be guided to follow a more unconventional route to achieve our goals. We have a lot of energy happening in Aquarius this month that we will be experiencing a pull towards the out-of-the-box way of going about life. Try something new. Meet new people. Take a fun class. Now is the time for experimenting with what you've always wondered about!

On February 13th, Mars enters Aquarius. We may find ourselves needing some independence for the next 5-6 weeks. You may find yourself saying, "I'll just do it myself" quite a bit during this time. The odd and unusual will pique our interest - we feel motivated to go after the things we thought were out of our reach. Again, try something new with all of this yummy Aquarius energy swirling around! Mars will also quickly conjunct (transit over) Pluto as Pluto is hanging out a 0 degrees Aquarius. This transit will bring in a burst of ambition and willpower. We may find ourselves getting into arguments at this time, but it won't last long as Mars is another fast moving planet. Whatever you are focusing you energy on at this time will get a powerful drive to see it through. It may even transform the way you go after life. Do it! Ask for what you want!

On February 16th, Venus joins her friend in Aquarius. We are having a party over here! We may find that unique love interests come into play over the next month. If you are single, an exciting mate may show up in your life. If you are partnered, an exciting and romantic adventure awaits. While we may feel the surge of romance in the air, we will also seek to find interests that are just for us. What is something you've always wanted to do but your friends or lover doesn't want to it so you don't do it? Now is the time to take that class, create some unusual art projects, or visit a place that has been on your bucket list. Finding the balance between coming together to reinvigorate your romance and doing something you've always wanted to do (even by yourself) will be key to taking advantage of Venus in Aquarius. You guessed it, Venus will also transit over Pluto. While this is a rather quick visit, we will notice some people seem to exude power and sensuality. It may even be us! We will feel compelled to meet them as they will have a magnetic aura about them. This also ties in to the urge to take our romance to a new level.

On February 18th, the Sun ingresses (enters) Pisces for the next 30 days. We will be drawn to care for our fellow beings. We will feel our hearts grow in compassion for others, and we will wish to assist whoever needs our help. We will soften our hard edges and make effort to make life easier for those we love. How can you be of service to those who truly need it? Have you volunteered lately? Now is a great time to give back and share your success with others. It is also a wonderful time to get creative. What art projects have you been neglecting? When is the last time you've had a dance party in the family room? Is it time for you to finally participate in karaoke? I think so! If you feel that you need a little bit more time in the depths of Winter before bursting forth in Spring, this is also a good time to retreat before life gets bustling again. So, Pisces Season is a wonderful time to finalize any deep inward reflecting that needs to happen and to also find creative outlets that you've been wanting to try. Choice is yours! Just don't forget to help those around you who are in need.

on February 19th, Chiron and the North Node (NN) come together in a conjunction in Aries. The lunar nodes are the points where the Sun & Moon cross paths and we get eclipses. The North Node is what we are drawn to, it's our key to enlightenment. When the NN is in Aries, we are called to redefine ourselves, find our greatest sense of fulfillment, and gain independence in our lives. Chiron is our sacred wound/wounded healer part of ourselves that we can't heal by ourselves, but through our pain and suffering we are able to help others heal those same wounds. When Chiron is in Aries, we experience our deepest wounds around being able to share our masculine/active/driven side of ourselves without being aggressive, angry, or self-centered. We may experience wounds in finding our primal independence and being able to trust that no one will take that away. We protect ourselves to the point of hiding our true authentic selves from the world. So when Chiron and the North Node connect, we are compelled to release old patterns that hold us back, we push ourselves to ask for what we want and practice self-care, and we yearn for new beginnings that help us live our best lives. This conjunction happens on the 19th, but these two astrological forces have been connected for several days prior and will be for several days after. We will feel the compulsion to take up our rightful space in the world. Manifest the shit out of stepping proudly into your authentic self! You are beautiful ~ share that beauty with all of us!!

On February 22nd, Venus conjuncts Mars in Aquarius. This energy is rather electric! We have Venus, our planet of romance & values, conjoining with Mars, our planet of sexuality & activation in the sign of Unconventionality. Sex, romance, money will come into the forefront during this time. We will focus on how to attract more of each of these in out-of-the-box ways. Sex, romance, and money will show up in unusual times and ways to make us think about what we want for our future. Can you be more romantic and sexy in your life? Now is a good time to do things differently to create a magical spark. Need to make an investment? Talk with a professional to see where you can increase your financial status in an inventive way. Always have a thorough understanding of potential mates and potential investments before making the commitment. Think things through. Will this person or purchase benefit you in the future?

On February 23rd, Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury is not the most comfortable in Pisces as it is the fastest moving planet and Pisces is slow and fanciful. Mercury wants data, data, data and Pisces wants to be playful, artsy, and romantic. With that being said, we will notice our mental focus will be more about imagination and finding ways to be creative. During this 3-week transit, we will notice that we are more prone to wishful thinking than practical planning. Its good to right our ideas down during this time to revisit later on when we are a little clearer. But in the meantime, allow yourself to become dreamy and ethereal in your thinking. Be free and boundless. Read a romantic book. Take long baths. Find your flow in creative dance or abstract art. Watch that you aren't being persuaded to do something that doesn't feel aligned with who you are during this time. Just allow yourself some time to be in the free flow and enjoy some mental downtime!

On February 24th, we celebrate the Virgo Full Moon. Now our mindsets (Mercury) may be better suited to relax and be in the flow, the Full Moon in Virgo is going to shine a light on our practical magic. Where do we need to be more logical in the magic we create each day? We find some time to become quiet to think about how to be more organized in the way to create sacred space in our lives. This Moon also illuminates where we need to offer compassion to ourselves. What part of our lives is preventing us from being truly magical, truly ourselves? Take some time to reflect upon this and make a plan to implement some new techniques or tools to help us better take care of ourselves and allow our playful sides to come out more (in a practical way of course!) I am hosting my Virgo Full Moon Sister Circle on the 24th from 7-9pm. You can find tickets here

On February 28th, the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all coming together see where we need to hold ourselves accountable for our choices. We may experience a situation that brings to light where we were irresponsible, corrupt, or destructive. We must learn to stand up and take responsibility for our own actions. Hard work, discipline, and a focused mindset will provide a new sense of duty and obligation within us. We may feel more isolated during this time, which is understandable when we are forced to face our misaligned choices. Take that time to make amends, stand tall in your promises, and don't commit to anything that you shouldn't. It is also a good time to take a hard look at your boundaries. Where do you need to put boundaries in place? Where do you need to lighten up on some boundaries? Boundaries teach others how to respect you. If they are upset by your boundaries, then they never intended on respecting you. It's your responsibility to inform others how to treat you. Don't let them take advantage of your kindness. Don't automatically say yes to something when you really don't have time or just don't want to do it. Respect yourself, and the others will follow!

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May the stars guide your path,

Aimee the Astrologer


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