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Essential Astrological Dates for May 2024

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We begin the month of May with the Celtic Fire Festival of Bealtaine (Beltane). The Earth is buzzing with excitement, newness, and fertility. The richness of life springs forward with flowers blooming, leaves opening up, and the return of the green. During Bealtaine, we jump over the fire (or walk between two fires) of vitality and youth to bless ourselves and our crops for a fruitful harvest season. We fertilize the seeds (literal and metaphorical) that we planted at Imbolc. We witness the convergence of the Goddess and God, the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, during this time of fertility and new growth. Bealtaine is the beginning of Summer in the Celtic Ilses.

On May 2nd, Pluto stations retrograde (Rx) in the sign of Aquarius heading back towards Capricorn. We will see a rise in humanitarian efforts that will have a profound impact on our society. Groups will organize to help those who have been put down upon and marginalized. From September 1- October 11, Pluto will be back in Capricorn. During this time we will see an uptick in old, out-dated forms of government and business structures trying to grasp onto their failing hold on society. This being an election year in the US, expect the unexpected when it comes to sneaky laws trying to be passed. We saw this during Pluto's Rx in Capricorn last year. If you don't like what they are doing, vote!! Its time for some major changes!

On May 6th, Mercury in Aries conjuncts (comes together) Chiron in Aries. We will witness a need to voice our wounds around our right to take up space. We will be declaring our place in this life. Give space for yourself to show up and ask for what you need.

On May 7th, the New Moon is in Taurus. This energy will help us ground down the practical intentions we want to manifest. What are the realistic goals you have for yourself right now? Call them in! This is also a good time to check in with your self-preservation. Is there anything you are lacking that is making you feel unstable? Discover ways to bring what you need into your life.

On May 13th, the Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. We will feel a need to express our independence in a unique, even unusual way. Spontaneity may come forward and we find ourselves stimulated by change. Think things through, but allow them to come up authentically and maybe even radically. Listen to your intuition as it will be strong during this time.

On May 15th, Mercury ingresses into Taurus until June 3rd. Communication will be practical and thorough. We will find ourselves thinking about our financial future and our material wealth. What steps can you take during this time that will help you be more financially secure? Be sure to ponder deeply about these steps before implementing them. If something is too good to be true, it is.

On May 17th, Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius. We find ourselves retreating into ourselves. We feel that protecting our minds and how we express ourselves is necessary during this time. We learn to be wary and watchful of anyone who may not hold good intentions for us. Observe others at this time to see who is showing up authentically. Try not to be too rigid in your convictions, as you will be pulled into your own beliefs and may find yourself not hearing what others have to say. Just pay attention to what comes up for you.

On May 18th, Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. We will experience a sudden burst of excitement around romance and social gatherings. Find some unusual people to hang out with, do something you've never done before, take a route you've never taken. Networking at a fun event would be a good time! Your independence will be strengthened during this time. Get out there and show off your orginality!

Also on May 18th, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus. Along with this burst of excitement, we also feel a push of optimism and confidence. It is a great time to attract what you want to bring into your life, especially around finances, sensuality, and centeredness. What a wonderful day to celebrate romance and call in your abundance!

On May 20th, the Sun ingresses into Gemini. This astrological month brings in a fresh sense of socializing - gathering with friends while doing something fun is key. Our energy may be scattered and unpredictable, but it is a great time to roll with it. A friend invites you out, go for it! Enjoy those stimulating conversations, meet new friends, learn something new!

On May 23rd, the Full Moon is in Sagittarius. This culmination point will shine a light on your meaning of life. Tap into your optimism, seek out some adventure, connect with the divine meaning of life. This is a good time to understand your Truth and share what you learned with others.

Also on the 23rd, Venus ingresses into Gemini. Venus shows us how exciting variety can be. Boredom has no place here when Venus is in Gemini! Be social, have great conversations with many people, try something new with others, tap into your charming nature. Watch out for shopping sprees, as we can get carried away from the 23rd until June 16th!

On May 29th, Mars conjuncts Chiron in Aries. During this time we are learning how to find strength in being vulnerable. Any wounds we have in regard to our right to take up space can be supported through the warrior nature of Mars as we learn how to show up for ourselves. This energy can feel raw and real, but that allows us to understand the pain of feeling like we don't have the right to exist. It's a doozy, but our resiliency will prevail and help us fight for ourselves. Isn't that beautiful?! Watch that you don't allow anger to be in the forefront. If it comes up for you, acknowledge it and try to learn how to heal it. We will learn how to trust and go after our desires to be our authentic selves.

On May 30th, Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. Our minds will be quick and progressive at this time. We will have sparks of originality and innovation especially around money and our future security. Facts and proof will be at the forefront of this energized mental force. Understanding and clear communication will be needed at this time. Expect the unexpected from the brilliant ideas that come up for you! Carry a notebook with you and jot them down for later introspection. Let your thoughts flow freely. You may just get the answer to your financial security that you've been searching for!

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May the stars guide your path,

Aimee the Astrologer

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