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Essential Astrological Dates for January 2024

We start off the New Year with Mercury stationing direct on January 1st! I hope you all were able to do some inward focusing on themes of building your future as well as your belief system. How'd that go? :) Mercury is still in its sign of Detriment of Sagittarius until January 13th, so it is still a good thing to watch your communication. Themes of righteousness can still come up until it gets grounded on the 13th. Try not to get into battles over opinions, be open to others' viewpoints, even if it is not something you believe in.

On January 4th, Mars enters Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn ~ this combo offers us a time to get focused and serious about the next steps in our careers, in building our futures, and standing up for our convictions. This last until mid February. Get busy planning your strategies for the long-term!

On the 11th of January, the first new moon of the year is in Capricorn. This is an amazing time to set your intentions for the year! What do you want to call in to your life this year? A increase in salary? A fun vacation? A new car? A deep bond with your love? Whatever it is that you want 2024 to provide for you, call it in on January 11th! I am hosting Manifest Your Future: A Vision Board Workshop on the 11th for the Asheville community. Find tickets here

We will experience a profound shift that will highlight our futures on January 20th when the Sun enters Aquarius and a few hours later Pluto also enters Aquarius (for the next 20 years!!). The Sun illuminates our innovative ideas, progressive natures, and how we serve our communities when in Aquarius. Pluto (our planet of transformation, rebirth, and deep inner changes) will be exposing systems of power, new technologies (AI), and innovations in science. On this day of entry, will be the beginning of our collective energies working towards a better tomorrow. We will have some major transformations happening globally that are necessary for our futures.

Venus enters Capricorn on January 23rd. We will notice a desire to be more practical and grounded in our relationships. Our values will be more geared toward functional items that support us and how to plan for our future sustainability. Venus will also square the Lunar Nodes at this time which will allow us to take a pragmatic look at our past so we can build a solid foundation for the long-term.

The Moon will reach its culmination point of fullness on January 25th in the sign of Leo. The moon will be illuminating what is in our hearts and show us how to go after our desires. We will look at the seeds of intention we planted at the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th and see what changes need to be made to align our goals with our hearts to catapult us into the future of our dreams. I will be hosting a Full Moon Sister Circle on the 25th. Find tickets here

When Uranus stations direct in Taurus on January 27th, ALL of our major planetary bodies will be direct!! Wow!! What a way to begin a new year! The first month is providing us with some major cosmic support to really step into our own power, turn our dreams into reality, and step fully into our life's purpose. Uranus (our planet of radical thinking, shaking up the paradigm, and breaking down the patriarchy) is testing the foundations we have built for our lives to see if they are strong enough to last. If things fall apart during this time, then they weren't truly align with your path. Uranus inspires us to find our own way for building our foundation so that it will hold up and allow us to stand tall.

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May the stars guide your path,

Aimee the Astrologer


Jan 07

Great overview of January, Aimee! I’m looking forward to your vision board workshop! 😁

Replying to

Thank you!! It’s going to be a fun workshop!

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